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Discover our awesome services designed to meet all your financial needs. From bookkeeping to financial planning, we provide solutions that drive success.

Financial & Accounting Services

Seeking professional financial and accounting services? Our experienced team provides comprehensive solutions tailored to meet both your business and financial needs.


At AAK Consulting, we offer CFO solutions to help businesses navigate their financial challenges. Our experienced team provides strategic financial insights, budgeting, to optimize your business’s financial performance.


AAK Consulting provide our students with interactive and engaging training sessions that blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications. This ensures you gain valuable hands-on experience to excel in your career development.

ERP Management Services

At AAK Consulting, we implement efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to help you integrate and automate various functions, including finance, inventory management, and supply chain.

Social Media Marketing Solutions

From crafting engaging content that reflects your brand’s voice and values to executing data-driven campaigns, AAK Consulting optimizes your social media presence to create buzz.

One Stop Solution

Discover the convenience of a one-stop solution with AAK Consulting. From consulting to project management and implementation, our comprehensive services meet all your needs under one roof.


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    Building Strategies for Your Financial Future

    At AAK Consulting, we focus on crafting personalized financial strategies to secure your future. Our expert team analyzes your unique needs to create tailored solutions. Partner with us to build a robust financial foundation for lasting success.


    What You Can Learn?

    Enhance your skills with our expert-led training programs, designed to provide practical knowledge and up-to-date insights. From foundational courses to advanced topics, we have training solutions for all levels.

    IFRS Training

    Gain expertise in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) through our comprehensive training program.

    Excel Advance Dashboard

    Unlock the power of data visualization and enhance your Excel skills with our comprehensive training program.

    Power BI

    Master the art of data storytelling and make informed decisions with our comprehensive Power BI training.


    Gain the skills to effectively navigate and harness the power of QuickBooks for efficient financial management.


    Master the ins and outs of Xero, a leading cloud-based accounting software, through our comprehensive training programs.

    SAP, Sage

    Unlock the potential of SAP and Sage, robust enterprise software suites, with our specialized training programs.

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    Frequently asked questions

    We provide bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning, financial statement analysis, and internal audits, along with consulting on financial analysis, business valuation, and IFRS implementation.

    Our custom software solutions boost efficiency and productivity by meeting your specific business needs, from financial management to data analysis.

    Our cloud services enhance scalability, flexibility, and collaboration, enabling secure access to data and applications from anywhere.


    Clients’ Reviews

    “Working with AAK Consulting Inc. for the past few years has been a great experience. They are on top of all our Financials and ensure our deadline are meet on a timely manner.
    They have made our accounting process very efficient and simple. We can focus on our core business."